New Information Section:

This section contains "snippets" of recently received news and information from our suppliers which we have not as yet been able to fully integrate into our website as well as product information brochures in electronic format.  


As they are received they are initially added to this page - often initially as they are added to our Information databank page which can be accessed below - prior to their being integrated into the appropriate area of our site.


We feel you will be more interested in getting this information on new products and developments ASAP rather than wait for us to "integrate it into our overall site".  If you have any queries - or would like further information on these products then please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


Please do not hesitate to 'browse' through this ftp site and download appropriate information.


Give us a call - 03 6267 4897 or email us at MailTo  if you require further information or pricing details.


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