PatchSee Intelligent Patch Cords

We are pleased to represent the French-designed PatchSee Intelligent Patch cords in Australasia as their Master Distributors.

The problem
Network administrators run up against the same problems of identifying cables, especially on patch panels, in the comms rooms or open plan offices, etc.  

Do you have a problem with patch panels that have ended up like THIS    or like THIS  ?

             Possibly you are likely to run the risk of producing more faults whilst tracing a particular patch lead?

             In fact, carefully running the cabling in looms or via ducting - whilst certainly looking neater - can actually make tracing more difficult!

The Requirement

A means of easily identifying a particular patch lead to allow easy tracing throughout the patch fields or associated areas.

The concept
Integrate two plastic optical fibres running through RJ45 cables length so that each extremity can be identified : a simple, reliable, effective solution covered by an international patent.  This is simply shown in this photo:                      

For a demonstration of its practicality, press HERE     A Patch Light     is utilised to perform the simple check.

To see an effective the demonstration of PatchSee and the operation of the test light, click here  for an animated version of the demonstration unit or here for a U-tube video of this process with the Professional test lamp.

Various coloured clips     are also available to identify cable grouping - by colour. This assists  with inventory as it removes the need to carry stocks of cables in each of your required colours - simply add the clips to each cable end.

The product development team
PatchSee's company founders had over 10 years experience in network cabling and worked closely with those responsible for the networks in major companies to develop the PatchSee products which are now utilised throughout the World in numerous sites.

Product Technical Specifications

PatchSee Intelligent Patch Leads are quality manufactured products hence specification sheets - in pdf format - are available to download for the cables in either their  UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) or FTP (Shielded Twisted Pair) formats.

  Cat 6a UTP    Cat 6A FTP    Cat 6 UTP    Cat 6 FTP     Cat5e UTP    Cat 5e FTP

Cat 6A Direct Patch UTP         Cat 6A Direct Patch FTP

DIRECT CABLING:  Whilst certainly not a new concept, we have a discussion paper re the advantages of Direct Cabling - which can certainly simplify your wiring requirements

SLIMLINE PATCH CABLES:  ThinPATCH RJ45 Cables are now available utilising the PatchSee cable tracing system of light identification by plastic optical fibre.  These cables allow for much more dense population of cables, are rated to Cat. 6A standard (10Gb/s) and are compatable with Cat. 6 and 5E.  Details - including pricing and availability - are available on request or are directly downloadable via the following links for  UTP and FTP ThinPatch cables.

For further information on PatchSee products or for pricing details please email us for your Intelligent Patch Cord requirements.

We offer direct shipping from our National Distribution Centre to you from either local or imported backup stocks with delivery expectations to you of from a few days to approximately a week.

Please contact us by email or by phone 03 6267 4897 if you require further information.

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