MFB Products Manufacture an extensive range of Cabinets to suit every need.  These include the increasingly popular 2005 and 2005B series albeit the ever popular Type A and B units are still available.


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Series 2005 multipurpose cabinets suit all general racking requirements and electronic applications.  Suitable for offices, computer rooms, test labs etc.  This cabinet can be found in a diverse range of environments.

The Series 2005B cabinet is most suitable where ready access to equipment is a primary requirement and a door is not needed.  Radio, TV and Reocrding Studios are good examples of this application.

NETWORK SERVER CABINETS are based on the S2005 design, this cabinet can be configured to better suit your server applications.

The HOST SERVER cabinet is an extension of the S2005 range of cabinets.  Its individual compartment design ,makes it the perfect choice for multiple server storage and similar applications.

Similar in application to the S2005 cabinets, the TYPE A is a different design making it the perfect choice for multiple server storage and the like.

The TYPE B is best suited where ready access to equipment is important - typically Radio, TV and Recording Studios.

WALL MOUNTING CABINETS are designed for cable management that requires a wall mounting enclosure.

Series 2005 Cabinets

Series 2005B Cabinets

Network Server Cabinets

Host Server Cabinets

Type A Cabinets

Type B Cabinets

Wall Mounting Cabinets

SLIMLINE CABINETS are intended for the smaller patch panel/ hub installations, they present a tidy, secure solution suitable for small office/ home office (SOHO) applications.

The ETSI cabinet meets the standards as required by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) for cabinets which house conforming telecommunications equipment.

The INDUSTRIAL CABINET range has been developed for industrial and outdoor applications.  They are ideally suited to process control applications and can be fabricated in stainless steel.  These cabinets are IP (Ingress Protection) rated to IP55.  For certain applications, higher ratings can be achieved.

This range of purpose built cabinets has been developed to meet the stringent requirements of RFI/EMI shielding.  They provide electromagnetic attanuation better than 80db to signals between 10KHz and 1GHz.

This versatile SERIES 94 CABINET can be placed on or under a desk, have castors fitted or can be fixed to a wall with brackets or a swing tray.

Series 210 Cabinets

(Replace Ser 94)

Slimline Cabinets

ETSI Cabinets

Industrial Cabinets

RFI/EMI Cabinets

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